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Who Are We? 

Josh Entsminger, Creator

Outside of this experiment, my job is to be professionally curious. The people I work with know all too well that while I try to find better questions, I rarely answer them. If you follow this site, then you’ll find that out soon enough.

Jordyn Fetter, Fiction Prize Coordinator 

As a lifetime lover of fiction, Jordyn Fetter knows the power of popular stories in influencing people and society alike. In her role as fiction challenge lead at What Not to Take to Mars, she puts her 10+ year experience as a writer, communicator, and all-around wonderer into practice by surfacing narratives which have the potential to reimagine the future of humanity. Jordyn holds a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University and is a Master in Public Administration candidate at the University College of London Institute of Innovation and Public Purpose.

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